Identity Marketing – Multi Part Course


This 8-week course provides both video instruction and daily (weekday) assignments to help you identify and build your audience based on who YOU are and who you want to serve with your writing.

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There are no shortage of marketing methods out there, plenty of advice on how to sell-sell-sell. But what if you don’t want to focus on selling? What if you want to focus on serving your readers? We hear you–and we’re with you!

There’s just one problem…you don’t know who “your readers” are or how to find them.

The Identity Marketing Intensive is a course designed to help you solve that problem and build out a platform you can stand on for years to come. Focusing on service above sales and on learning first who YOU are so you know who you can best serve, this multi-part course takes you from concept to execution, step by step. This isn’t about technique, and it isn’t about a system. This is about creating a mindset, building habits, and learning how to reach people where they are.

In 8-weeks, you’ll watch video lessons recorded by bestselling author Roseanna M. White and her marketing-guru husband, David White (publisher of the WhiteFire Publishing Group), in which they talk through the concepts of building an audience based on Identity and serving them every day. You’ll also receive daily (weekday) assignments and freewriting prompts meant to guide you into a deeper understanding of your own fears, joys, and identity.

This course is called an “intensive” for a reason–it’s intense! You can of course take it at your own pace, but you may also discover that you’d like some extra help along the way. We’ve got you covered there, too, with the add-on options of face-to-face consultations, blank or custom-built templates, consults on your particular projects, and even help sorting out your audience.

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Audience Building Extras

Face to Face Consult, Guided Audience Building, No Extras

Audience Blueprinting

Basic Audience Blueprint, Custom Audience Blueprint, No Audience Blueprinting

Consult On Your Project

Full Manuscript, No Consultation, Proposal Length


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