Basic Typesetting


Novels, narrative non-fiction (without many sub-headings), and short work fall under the basic typesetting price. ThisĀ  includes:

  • Designed title page to match your cover
  • Stylized chapter heads
  • Running headers/footers
  • Section break designs
  • Up to 10 images

    Premium Typesetting


    Non-fiction or other books that have a lot of images (more than 10), require different headers for different chapters, and/or have many subheadings fall under the premium typesetting price. ThisĀ  includes:

    • Everything listed under “basic typesetting”
    • Unique master pages for each chapter (so headers include chapter name)
    • Stylized subheadings

    Bonus Typesetting


    Need to add many images, charts, or graphs to the Premium Typsetting? That would be included in the bonus package.